Are North Carolina Snakes Capable of Climbing Walls or Stairs? What This Means for YOU!

The Wilmington snakes can move their body in multiple manners. Depending on the size of the snake and the design of your staircase, they can easily climb it. They are very agile and flexible creatures that makes it possible to move on different surfaces. Most homeowners who live in the condo or a two-story home believe that this slithering creature will not be able to move on the higher portion of their house, which will keep them safe from the threat of the snake. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case. There are various animals that can easily reach the upper section of our house and that includes the snake.

How do Snakes Climb Walls?

While the North Carolina snakes will not find it easy to maneuver inside your wall, they can still use the installation inside to reach the higher spaces in your house. They are not the same as the lizards that can have an excellent grip even on smooth surfaces. If your house is made from stone or brick, they can use the rough surface to climb your wall. In fact, this will be a lot simpler than climbing the trees in the wild.

How do Wilmington Snakes Climb Stairs?

The snakes can also access the higher areas of your house with the help of your stairs. You are probably wondering how they achieve this since they do not have an excellent traction. However, with the support of their muscle tissue, they will be able to move vertically. They will first contract their body frame and then extend their body to thrust its head upward. This is an excellent way for them to reach the higher steps of your staircase. The snakes can use this method if they have an adequate length. 

Why do Snakes Climb Walls and Stairs?

There are various reasons why a North Carolina snake will try to climb our wall. For instance, they are probably following the trail of the mouse. Rodents tend to urinate all over our property. Their urine contains pheromones that the snake can easily track. You will notice how the snake can access the same access hole that the mice or rats are using. They are flexible that makes it possible to access even the obscure areas of your house. If you have a rodent infestation in your attic, it might not be impossible to find a snake there.

Another reason is that they are trying to find warm areas in our houses. It will be more common to encounter the snakes in our attic during the winter season. The temperature in our attics allow them to stabilize their body temperature and function efficiently.

While Wilmington snakes are usually considered harmless and beneficial to the nature by helping in controlling the population of the insects and rodents, you still do not want an unexpected visit from the serpents. When getting rid of them, you should not do it personally unless you have the equipment and the experience to support you. You should always let the professional deal with this scenario.

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