How to Get Rid of Any Wilmington Rats Using Simple, Yet EFFECTIVE House Modifications

If you are hearing a scratching and scurrying sound especially during the night, then you probably have unwanted Wilmington guests. Once you noticed a sign of rat infestation, you will have to act immediately in order to deter the possible damages that they can inflict to your house. Their infestation will be more prevalent during the winter times since rats are looking for a shelter to escape the unforgiving weather. Fortunately, there are simple house modifications that you can do to restrict their access to your property.

Top Ways to Modify Your House to Prevent Rat Infestation

We all know that North Carolina rats are armed with strong teeth that can penetrate tough construction materials. This enables them to gain an entry to our house. They are also adept climbers that help them reach our attic. They can fit inside a hole that is about the size of the nickel. Here are some ways to modify your house, which will help you thwart the rat activities.

Seal All the Entry Points

Sealing the entry point of the Wilmington rat may not be as simple as you may think it is. All holes that are at least ¼ inch should be covered. Make sure not to miss even the holes that are located in the higher area of the attic. You should also pay attention to the materials that you will use to cover the holes. You can use hardware cloth (that are galvanized) or steel plate. This should be tough enough that will prevent the rats from destroying it.

Eliminate Their Access from the Food Source

If there are rats in your North Carolina house, then there are things that are attracting them. This can possibly be an accessible food or water source. Take a look at your water pipes and find out if there are any signs of leaking. Be sure to fix it immediately or it can attract other pests. It may also lead to water damages and mold growth. If you have compost pit in your garden cover it since this is a potential food source. Your garbage bin is another possible source so ensure that it is tightly secured with a lid. You may us a baffle to limit the access of the rats on your bird feeders.

Adopt a Pet

If you find the home modifications we mentioned above too cumbersome, adopting a North Carolina dog or a cat is an excellent option. They can guard your house and ensure that you don’t have an unwanted guest. Cat would be more agile and flexible in terms of hunting the rats. However, there are instances when a cat won’t be able to deliver your desired result. You will need to conduct some preventative measures to ensure that your rat removal will be a success.

Simple modifications in your Wilmington house can guarantee homeowners that their house will be free from the menace of the rats. In case none of our tips work, hire the service of the expert rat removal at once.

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