The Interesting and Secret Mating Habits of North Carolina Armadillos

Armadillos are not social Wilmington creatures. They will rather avoid each other and live their life in solitary. However, all of these will change during the mating season. They will have to tolerate the presence of each other in order to reproduce. The method that the creature use when looking for the perfect pair will appear like a courtship ritual. During this time, the male will try to approach the female armadillos.

Interesting Facts about the Reproduction Habit of Armadillos

The male North Carolina armadillo will do everything it can to stay close to the female species. The female will appear unresponsive during this courtship stage. In fact, she will try everything to stay away from the male suitors. She will kick them using her strong hind legs. 

The Chucking Sound

When the Wilmington male armadillos started to crowd the female species, the courtship ritual will start by smelling the genitalia and pawing the carapace of the female. In case the female armadillo shows interest towards the male armadillo, they will start to create a chucking sound. She will also raise her body and start wagging her tail. On the off chance that another male armadillo join the ritual, they will have to showcase their dominance by fighting or chasing off the creature.

The Reproduction

Reproduction of the North Carolina armadillo will usually happen in the summer season. The female has the capacity to delay the egg’s implantation. Normally, the pregnancy will begin in around 3-4 months. This enables the baby armadillos to be delivered during the spring season when there is an adequate source of food. During the implantation, the zygote will then divide into four embryos that are genetically identical. 

Gestation Period

Gestation period will then last for about 4 months. Each of the embryos will develop their individual placenta that ensures that the babies will develop and survive the period of pregnancy. After they were born, the little baby will appear helpless. They will completely depend on their mother for survival. After a few weeks, they will start to explore the nearby areas of their surroundings. 

The little one will stay with the mother North Carolina armadillo for about 6-8 months. Once reaching their sexual maturity, the female armadillo will have the capacity to produce at least 56 baby armadillos during their lifetimes. The reproduction cycle of the armadillos is as distinctive as their physical appearance. The females have adaptation skills that are intended to help them survive even in the hostile type of environment. They can also control their population when there is an issue in the availability of the food.

Once the baby Wilmington armadillos are old enough, the mother armadillo will encourage them to leave the burrow. They will also be responsible in foraging their own food. The right age when they will be ready to leave the den will vary depending on the development of the little creatures. The 9-banded armadillos will be able to leave the den in as little as three weeks. Their ability to reproduce and control their own population will make it less likely for you to experience a full-blown infestation.

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